Wordpress custom login

Some people may not look at this as an important factor, but when it comes to providing a true customized website for a client, the expectations should be that the website be built 100% custom. Not only does a client receive a custom design that is user-friendly for the front-end where users are navigating, but creating a customized experience for the back-end where clients are often making content changes and updates should not be left out. Creating a custom login screen is just the beginning.


Administrator and Editor Login

Custom Login PanelCreating a custom login screen for a client’s new website is just the start of creating a customized product. It’s too often that agencies leave such small details and customization out. So why even bother spending time on a client’s login screen design? It’s all about making the client feel at home. Everyone wants their “own” product, so why leave the default WordPress logo and design right in their face? Clients want to feel as they are logging into their own website, not someone else’ website.

Don’t get me wrong, leaving the default WordPress login screen shouldn’t hurt you or your website’s performance in any way. It’s simply creating an experience that goes beyond the user and should leave your clients even more proud of the project you developed for them.

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