Mobile Friendly

Responsive Development

So what is responsive development? Responsive development is now the standardized way for creating interactive websites that are built “mobile-first” and responds to any device you are viewing the site from. The way this works is that most elements are based off of percentages, rather than fixed pixels like we developers use to build. Typically developers use a framework to help build the website and uses a 12 column or 16 column grid system. The grid system is to help align elements throughout the site since most of our elements are based off percentages. I won’t go into anymore detail than that before I start to confuse anyone.

Optimize for Google

Did you know that if your website is not mobile friendly or up to today’s standards on being a mobile friendly website, that Google counts off points from your website’s search ranking? If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it could possibly be the reason your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search results.